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Emerging from Manchester’s student population, Flowers for Charlie are an upbeat pop-punk four-piece that take their influences from the genre’s ‘00s heyday and combine it with its more emotionally charged current guise. The result is loud and energetic, full of hooky melodies, aggressive, punchy guitar lines and raw, angst-ridden lyrics delivered with a no-nonsense northern attitude.

Drawing inspiration from such legendary bands as Green Day and Blink-182, Flowers for Charlie successfully tap in to a sense of nostalgia, while still feeling fresh and contemporary, the result of their ability to deftly blend two iterations of the same genre in to something both timely and timeless.

Wherever they perform, Flowers for Charlie go the extra distance and aren’t afraid to push the boundaries in pursuit of their art, and of course, something that’s always been intrinsic to the very nature of pop-punk having a good time.

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